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Looking for good magazines to learn English from? Well, look no further! Here is a list of our favourite magazines to use in and outside the classroom.


One of our favourite magazines to use with our students. This magazine is filled with fairy tales, new stories, funny poems, awesome animals, myths & legends, gorgeous illustrations, puzzles, games and much more!

There site also offers free downloadable teaching resources. 

National Geographic Kids

A great magazine to use with your primary students especially the ones who love to learn about animals, history or other fun facts. This magazine is great for classroom research projects or for those students who always finish their work faster than the other.

Check out their website for more: National Geographic Kids


This is a magazine for choldren between the ages of 6 – 12. It’s filled with stories, adventures, brainteasers, and, of course, Hidden Pictures® puzzles. It reflected the Myerses’ philosophy that children become their “best selves” by using their creativity and imagination; developing their reading, thinking, and reasoning skills; and learning to treat others with respect, kindness, and sensitivity.

Visit their website for more fun activities: Highlights Kids

Learn Hot English

This magazine is more for the older student. Perfect for wanting to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. It also provides you with useful expressions, vocabulary, grammar tips and phrasal verbs.

Here is their website, Learn Hot English. Be sure to check out their blog page for great videos on how to learn English.

If you have more magazine suggestions that we can add to the list, please send us an email at We’d love to here from you.

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