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Where Can I apply to teach with ALIS?

Thank you for your interest in teaching with Arundel Learning Interactive School!

To apply to teach with Arundel Learning Interactive School, please do the following:

1) Navigate to the bottom of our website to “Become a Tutor”


2) On the “Become a Tutor” page navigate to “Apply Now” button at the top or bottom of the page.


3) Fill out the form and link all the necessary documents in order to be considered for an online tutoring position.


4) Once you have filled out all the details and uploaded the necessary files. Click on the “Submit” button. Our HR department will review your application and inform you via email whether or not we’d like you to proceed with the next step.

Interview Process

Once we have reviewed your application and think that you are a good fit for our tutoring position, will our HR department send you an interview booking link via email. Click on the link to book an interview.

When you have received the link, please select a time and date for the interview to take place. Take note that once you have received this link it will only be available for 7 days. If you haven’t scheduled an interview within 7 days, you forfeit the interview process and your application will be disapproved.



Once you have selected a date and time click on the “Confirm” button. You will be directed to the next page to enter your details and confirm the time. Please enter your full name and current email address. Also, check that the timezone is set to your country of residence.


You will see the following screen below to confirm that you have scheduled your interview.


An email will also be sent to the email address you have entered to schedule the interview. Notice in the email that under the date and time information provided “YES” is selected, “YES” meaning you accepted the interview time. If you click on “MAYBE” or “NO” you will automatically notify the interviewee that you “MAYBE” – Tentatively accept (which we wouldn’t recommend) or “NO” – you decline and then we will automatically disapprove your application.

If for any reason you want to “CANCEL” or “RESCHEDULE” your interview before the interviewing date, please click on one of the two links provided in your confirmation email.

Please set a reminder for the interview in order to prevent you from forgetting or missing the scheduled interview time.


Please allow a few days to hear back from us via email!

What are ALIS's policies and rules?

ALIS is committed to creating a safe and encouraging environment for our students and teachers. To that end, we ask all of our teachers to treat each other and their students with respect. Please abide by our terms & conditions and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@alis.education.

In terms of communication with students and the proper use of the site please see our guide here.

What technology do I need to be an ALIS online tutor?

For the best ALIS experience, we recommend you to use a Google Chrome or Firefox browser. If you don’t have any of the following browsers we recommend you to download them:

Google Chrome download

Google Chrome Screen Share Plugin

Firefox download

When using Google Chrome as your primary browser, upon entering your first lesson you will be asked via a popup to allow the system to use your camera and microphone. You will also be asked to install a plug-in in order to use the screen-share function within the virtual classroom. This plug-in only has to be installed once. Once it has been installed it will automatically be activated for the coming lessons.

We also highly recommend that you use a computer with a microphone and webcam for the best learning experience. Headphones are also recommended. 

To learn more about the virtual classroom functions please click here.

How much does ALIS pay their tutors?

ALIS pays their tutors $13 per hour right from the start. Our lessons are 25 and 45 minutes long therefor the hourly rate will be paid by the minute via Paypal on the 2nd and 16th of every month.



I'm a new teacher. How does ALIS work?

Welcome to our ALIS team! 

Once you have gone through the interview process and have been accepted to join our ALIS team, you will receive an email from us with the following information included: 

1) A welcome message

2) Username

3) Temporary password

A login link will be included in the email. Click on the link to start editing your tutor profile:


Once you have followed the “Login” link and have used your details to log in. You will be asked to change your password.


Once you have entered your new password click on “Next”. On the following page, you will be asked to review your information, your name that, email address, and phone number. Please note only your name will be publicly displayed on your email. Your email and phone number are for admin use only and users will not be able to see this.

review-info When you have reviewed your information please click on “Next”. You will be asked to select your location to determine your timezone. Please make sure you set it to your current timezone to ensure you show up on time for lessons.


You’re almost done, click on “Next” once you have selected the timezone and check that the time displayed matches your current timezone. You will be asked to select the subjects that you would like to teach and finally, you will be brought to your tutor dashboard.


How does the Tutor Dashboard work?

Once you have logged-in you will always be brought to the dashboard screen. To the top right of your dashboard, you will find 5 menu buttons.

1) previous page arrow

2) dashboard – returns you to the main log in dashboard

3) messages – where you will see messages from students or admin

4) notifications

5) image icon – where a dropdown menu appears with your profile, account settings and sign out options.



On the left side of the dashboard, you will find a side menu bar. From this menu, you can return to the main dashboard, change your teaching preferences, view your live courses, self-paced courses, private lessons and live classes. You can also manage your content library from the side menu and view all announcement that has been made.


Next to the sidebar menu, you will see your classes for the day. Click on “View classes for any day” to view past and upcoming lessons for the selected date.


On the left of the dashboard you can view some general information regarding your, timezone, last login, teaching subjects, availability, profile views and classes delivered.


Viewing your lessons

Once a student has booked a lesson with you or you have been assigned to teach a group lesson  by admin your past, present and upcoming lessons can be viewed from two places:

1) From the sidebar menu on the left under teaching or,


When a student has booked a one-on-one lesson it will be found under “Private Lessons”, when you have been assigned to a group lesson your classes can be viewed from “Live classes” and so forth.

Once you have clicked on the tab for a class that you want to view, you will see your present and upcoming lessons displayed. If you want to view past lessons or lessons that have been asked to be refunded you can also find it under the filter tab.



2) From your main login dashboard you can see your lessons for the day and if you click on “View classes for any day”, you can view lessons by date.

view-classes Once you have clicked on “View classes for any day” you will be brought to a page that displays your lessons for the selected date. You can view past, present and upcoming lessons for the specific date that you selected.


When you hover over the lesson you can click on “See all” to view more details.

Uploading content to your content library

Each tutor has a content library where they can upload audio files, pdf, docs, videos and many more media files that can be used for your lessons. You can upload files directly from your device or by linking your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive).

Follow the steps below to upload your content:

1) Once you have logged in, in your main dashboard left sidebar menu you will see the following options under Manage – My Content and Shared Content. Click on “My Content” to upload any media files.


2) Once you are in your content library you will see an overview of your folders and media content size. On the bottom right of your screen, you will see a yellow button with an arrow. Hover over the button to view the available upload options. When you hover over the button you will have the options to add HTML; Embed; Iframe; Record Audio or video; Create Folder or Upload File.


3) You can create a folder to store all related files together or create folders as per your convenience. When you click on the “Create Folder” option you will be asked to enter a folder title and then click on “Save”.


Once you have clicked on “Save” your folder can be viewed from your content library under “All Content”


4) To upload files to your content library or into your created folders (click on your folder to open it and follow the steps below), hover over the yellow arrow and click on “Upload File”. You will have the options to upload files directly from your device or from cloud storage.


To upload files from your device click on the blue file icon and navigate to the folder where the file is stored. Select the file and click on the blue “Upload” button.

Please note that all content uploaded has to be approved by admin first. So please make sure you upload your files in advance.


Once your file has been uploaded, the admin will be notified and you will receive a confirmation email once your content has been approved or not. You can view your content upload status from your content library “All Content”.


When uploading content from your preferred cloud storage, you will be asked to connect to your cloud storage. Connection varies between the different cloud storage providers. A new tab will open, please follow the steps provided by your cloud storage provider in order to set up your file upload connection.


Creating Your 

Editing your profile

Welcome to the ALIS team, now it’s time to set up your profile!

Once you are logged in you can navigate to your profile settings from the top right menu arrow, located next to your image icon.


When you click on the arrow a dropdown menu will appear. Click on “Profile” to get started.



Basic Information

Under the “Basic Information” tab you can edit your contact and basic info.


It is required that you full in the following:

1) Your name as this will be displayed on your profile.

2) Email – this will automatically be saved from your registered email that you inputted.

3) Your gender

4) Date of Birth – This will not be publicly displayed.

5) Upload a profile picture


Click on the “Upload/Change” button in order to upload your profile picture.


Once you have clicked on the “Upload/Change” button the screen above will appear. Click on the “Upload new image” button to select your profile picture from your computer. When you have selected your picture a box with your photo will appear, you can drag the corners to crop your image. The highlighted area is what will be displayed on your profile.

Make sure your photo is clear, fairly professional and personal. Select a photo where your face is clearly visible and have good lighting.

6) Nationality

7) Country of residence

8) Timezone.

Other information such as your Address, State, Skype ID and Mobile number is optional. If you do fill out these fields be assured that they will be kept private.


In the About section, you can tell the students more about yourself and your style of teaching. In order to attract more student to book a lesson with you, we suggest you complete the following fields:

1) Occupation

2) Type out an introduction

3) Upload an introduction video


When uploading a video make sure you have uploaded your video to your “My Content” first. If you haven’t uploaded your video to your content library first please click on upload content link and follow the steps before continuing.

Once you have uploaded your video to “My Content”, in your profile settings under the “About” tab click on “select video” and choose “from library” from the dropdown menu.


A popup menu will appear from where you can select your video, click on the select text under the video that you would like to add. Then click on “Add Video”.


Finally, click on “Save”.


Please note! When uploading an introduction video we recommend that your video is not more than 1:00 to 1:30 minutes long and around 150mb. Make sure that your video is of high quality and as professional as possible.


In order to boost your credibility as a teacher and increase your bookings, add as many relevant past experience items to your teacher profile as you can.


To add one field you are required to fill out the following details:

1) Title – job description

2) Company – the name of the company that you have worked for or are still working with

3) Location – country or city where you work/ed

4) Time Period – date and year when you started/stopped working for this company

5) Academic Background – you can add a short job role description

See the example below.


Once you have completed all the fields, click on save. To add more experiences simple click on the “Add more” button and complete steps 1 to 5 again.


You can also edit and delete (scroll to the bottom) you experiences by clicking on the pencil icon.



In order to boost your credibility as a teacher and increase your bookings, add as many relevant education items to your teacher profile as you can.

In order to boost your credibility as a teacher and increase your bookings, add as many relevant resumé items to your teacher profile as you can.

To add one field you are required to fill out the following details:

1) School – the name of the school/university that you go/went to

2) Degree – what kind of qualification you have ex. Bachelors, Master etc. 

3) Field of study – ex. Mechanical Engineer, Early Years Teacher

4) Time Period – time that you started and finished 

5) Other fields such as Hobbies & Interest, Description, Grade are optional.

See the example below.


Click on “Save”.

Once you have saved, you can add more qualifications by clicking on the “Add More” button and completing steps 1 to 4 again.


To edit and delete your qualifications click on the pencil icon to the right.

Bank Details

Finally, under the “Banking Details” tab, you will see two options available:

1) Bank Details

2) Paypal Details


The first tab “Banking Details” you can ignore as we will be delivering your earning to you via Paypal. You will get payed on the 2nd and 16th of every month.

Under the Paypal details tab, add your registered Paypal email address. Make sure that your email address is correct as we do not take any responsibility for entering the wrong email address and not receiving your money.


If you don’t have a Paypal account please click on the link below:

Create a Paypal account

Adding your teaching preferences / schedule

 From your main log in dashboard, you can update your teaching preferences from the left sidebar menu. From here you can set your availability to teach, your preferred age group that you would like to teach and also languages as well as your teaching specialities.


Under the first tab “Add Subjects” we require you to complete the following:

1) Teaching specialities – here you can enter 3 tags that best suits the topics that you are comfortable with teaching ex. General English, English for everyday use, IELTS, Business English, Writing, Speaking etc.

Once you have entered one tag press enter and then you can enter in the next tag.

2) Preferred language of instruction –  select an option from the dropdown menu. (Please note  that at the moment English is the only language of instruction we have to offer.)

When you have entered these 2 fields please click on “Save”.



3) Age Groups – add your preferred age group that you would like to teach. You can select more than one option from the dropdown menu.

Kids: 3 – 5 years old

Children: 6 – 11 years old

Early Teens: 12 – 14 years old

Late Teens: 15 – 17 years old

Adults: 18+ years old

Click on “Save”


4) Subjects – from the dropdown menu select the subjects that you will be teaching. (Please note at the moment we only offer English.)

Click on “Save”


Setting your schedule:

Under “Teaching Preferences”, select the second tab called “Set Schedule”. From here you can set the time that you are available to teach. You have full control over your schedule and we trust that you will turn your availability on or off for the times that you are available/not available.


Please note that it is best to inform our HR Team is you will be unavailable for a few weeks. You can send an email to alis.hr.education@gmail.com.

How to set your schedule:

1) Make sure that the “Available Anytime” box is unchecked.

Please note that having this box checked will void all changes being made on your schedule and will set your availability to teach 24/7.


2) Next to the days of the week, you will see an on/off switch.

Gray – Off (These days you are not available to teach)

Green – On (Days that will be displayed as available to teach)


When you have turned on the days that you are available to teach, you can enter the times that you are available. If you want to teach a few hours in the morning and then in the evening again for the same day, you can click on the “Add more” option next to the selected day and open more time slots. You can continue the above steps for the other days you are also available to teach.


Finally, click on “Save”.

One last step before your profile is complete:

In order for a student to view your profile you need to make yourself available to be searched. To do this click on “Teaching Preferences” then navigate to the tab called “Check Eligibility”.

Make sure the switch under “Available in search” is turned on.


What makes a good profile picture?

Make a good first impression on potential students by having a good profile picture. This will help attract more students and build credibility. Make sure your photo is clear, fairly professional and personal.

Good profile photos:

  • Select a photo where your face is clearly visible.
  • Have good lighting.
  • Make sure your photo is of high quality.
  • Remember to smile.

Bad profile photos:

  • Blurry photos.
  • Zoomed out photos where your face is barely visible.
  • Photos with lots of people, making it difficult to determine who you are.
  • Photos where your face is largely concealed (by sunglasses, hair, etc.).
  • Dark photos.
How do I make a good introduction video?

If this is your first time making a video or you are looking to take your introduction video to the next level, here are some tips to get you started:

We recommend that you record your video using your smartphone or camera and then uploading it to your content library.


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Mention your background, experience, skills
  3. Invite students to take private 1-1 lessons with you


  • Just remember KISS: Keep It Super Simple
  • Be creative if you want. However, avoid animations/sound-effects unless you are extremely confident in your video editing skills. If you are not a skilled video editor, adding animations/sounds can actually be damaging as it might make your video look unprofessional.


  • Make sure you have excellent lighting and your face is clearly visible.
  • Try to be in a nice, comfortable environment. If possible, record in front of a solid – color wall. The fewer distractions you have in the background, the better a student will be able to focus on you.


  • Be happy and smile in your video (it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown)
  • Remember your energy is infectious so try and be as positive as possible.


  • At least some portion of your video should be in the language that you are teaching.
  • If you are bilingual/trilingual+, feel free to record your video in each language that you speak.


  • Make sure the audio and video are of high quality. Consider investing in a good webcam and mic as you will need them for your lessons too.


  • Your video should be at least 1 to 1:30 minutes long
  • Try to keep your video size around 100mb if possible. If your video file size is too large you might have some difficulties uploading it.
  • Make sure your video is an mp4 file


How do I start a lesson?

Congratulation! You got your first lesson booking. Time to start teaching, you can launch your classroom 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

To begin:

1) Log in to your account, on your dashboard at the top you will see your next upcoming lesson for the day.


2) When you hover over the lesson you can see more options, “See all” and “Launch”.


When you click on “See all” it will take your to your private tutor page and show a short summary of your upcoming lesson. You can also “Launch” your lesson from here.


If you click on “Launch” it will take you to a countdown timer page before the virtual classroom will automatically be launched on the time of the scheduled lesson.


If for any reason you are late for your class you will follow the same steps as above, but a “Launch Class” button will appear under the countdown timer, use this button to navigate to your virtual classroom.

3) You can also view past and future booked lessons by clicking on “View classes for any day”


To view your lesson also see viewing your lessons.

How do I accept a lesson request?

Once a student has viewed your profile and requested a lesson from you, you will be notified via email. Open the email and click on the button that says: “View Lesson”


When you click on the botton “View Lesson” you will be taken to your dashbaord where you can view the lesson details.

From here starting at the top you will see:

1) Confirm button – to confirm the lesson and then the student will go ahead and make the payment. Once the student has completed the payment you will be notified and your lesson will appear in your dashboard or under “Private Lessons” or from “View classes for any day”

2) Lesson status – appears under the “Confirm” button

3) Lesson time – the time and the day that the student requested to have the lesson

4) Learner Details – profile ppic and name of your learner along with a message.

5) Messages – here you can contact your student (Your messages will appear at the top of your dashboard on the right – envelope icon).


You can also view your lesson request from your main dashboard under “Confirmation”


When you click on “Confirmation” you can also view your lesson details from here and confirm the lesson.


Once you hav confirmed the lesson, it will appear in your dashbaord under “Payment”. This means that the student has to complete the payment for the lesson before the lesson will take place.


You can click on payment to see all your lessons that are still waiting for payment. If the student has not completed the payment for the lesson before the lesson is scheduled, then the lesson will not take place.


When the student has successfully completed the payment the lesson will appear on your dashboard under ” Private Lessons” or on your dashboard if the lesson is scheduled for the day you logged in.

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