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I am a new student. How do I get started?

Welcome to Arundel Learning Interactive School, watch the video below on how to sign up:

Signing up with ALIS is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Head over to the “Study Now” button.
  2. Fill in your full name, email address, password and current country of residence.
  3. Verify your email address, log in and start learning.
What software do I need to join my ALIS Lesson?

For the best ALIS experience, we recommend you to use a Google Chrome or Firefox browser. If you don’t have any of the following browsers we recommend you to download them:

Google Chrome download

Google Chrome Screen Share Plugin

Firefox download

When using Google Chrome as your primary browser, upon entering your first lesson you will be asked via a popup to allow the system to use your camera and microphone. You will also be asked to install a plug-in in order to use the screen-share function within the virtual classroom. This plug-in only has to be installed once, once installed it will automatically be activated for the coming lessons.

We also highly recommend that you use a computer with a microphone and webcam for the best learning experience. Headphones are also recommended. 

To learn more about the virtual classroom functions please click here.

What types of lessons can I book?

Here at ALIS, we offer you the following types of lessons:

1) Courses: (COMING SOON***)

  • Self-paced Courses: Self-paced courses are prerecorded study materials, such as, videos, documents, pdf’s etc. that allows the student to learn at their own speed without time limitations.
  • Live Courses: Live courses are live tutor-led courses, students get an assigned tutor who delivers the class on a weekly basis. Classes that are delivered on a weekly basis will be delivered at scheduled times.

2) Private Lessons: These are one-on-one lessons with your preferred tutor. You have the option to view our tutors, then request or book a lesson with your preferred tutor and schedule a time and date that is convenient for you.

3) Open Live Classes: With Open Live Classes you have the option to study in groups of up to five students at a cheaper rate. Why study alone, when you can practice your English skills with other students from all over the world.

How long are ALIS lessons?

Our lessons are 25 minutes for a single session and 45 minutes for a double session.

When booking a private lesson you will have the option to choose between a single session or double session.

Open live classes are premade lessons that you can join from your student dashboard. You will see the duration of the lesson listed on the class details.

Booking & Viewing Lessons

How do I book a private lesson?
Log into your ALIS account and follow the step in the video below:

Let us get you started with your first one on one lesson booking:

  • Navigate to “Our Programs” on the left of your screen
  • Click on “Tutors” and then on the “Book Lesson” button once you have found a tutor that you would like to study with
  • Select the day and date you would like to study, lesson duration, and time. Click on “Continue”
  • Review your lesson details and click on “Submit”
  • Your request will be sent to your tutor for confirmation, once the lesson has been confirmed you will be asked to proceed with the lesson payment
How can I see my lesson status?

Once you have booked a lesson you can view the status of your lesson on your dashboard under “Waiting for confirmation” or ” Ready for payment”:

  • A lesson waiting for confirmation for your tutor will appear under the “Waiting for confirmation” button.
  • A lesson that has been confirmed by your tutor, will appear under the “Ready for payment” button.
  • Once your have completed the lesson payment, then only will your lesson appear under the “Private Lessons” menu option.

Please see the video below for more information:


How do I enter my online lesson?

Starting your lesson is very easy and can be done in two ways:

1. From your logged in dashboard.


2. Or, you can enter your lesson from the left-hand side sidebar menu, under My Learning. One on one lessons will appear under Private lessons, group lesson will appear under Open Live Classes and if you are enrolled in any courses it will appear under the courses tab. Please see the video below:

How do I join a lesson from iOS or Android device?

Joining your lessons from an iOS or Android device is not a problem and you don’t need to worry about downloading any applications to enter your classroom.

ALIS’s virtual classroom works from your browser window.

You can follow the exact same steps from “How do I enter my online lesson?” to launch your class from your mobile device.


How do a complete my lesson payments?

“””Please follow the steps of “How do I book a private lesson?”, before starting the payment process.

Once you have followed the steps on how to book a private lesson, let’s get started with your payment:

1) Upon requesting the lesson, your tutor first needs to confirm your lesson request.

Please see: “Lesson Status”

2) When your tutor has confirmed your lesson request you will receive an email, with a Pay Now button. Click on the “Pay Now” button.


How do I cancel a lesson?
There are 2 ways that you can cancel a lesson:

1. While in the process of booking a lesson, before completing your lesson payment

2. After you have booked a lesson, however, both you and the tutor has to agree on cancelling the lesson before a refund to your account will be made.

How do I postpone a lesson?
Once you have made a lesson booking and is unable to attend the lesson you can request to postpone your lesson.


How do I rate my completed lesson?

After you have had your first online lesson, will a popup screen appear where you will be asked 3 questions and you have to rate them using stars.

One star being the lowest and 5 stars the highest.

Hover over the stars and then click once to select your rating. Once the grey stars have turned yellow will you know that you have rated this question.

How do I contact my tutor?

Contacting a tutor is very easy with ALIS inbox. You can contact tutors you have and haven’t booked lessons with yet. Its very simple.

Are lessons listed in my timezone?

Yes, the lesson will appear in your timezone that you set from your student dashboard.

See the video below to see how to set your timezone:

Paying for Lessons 

In which currency are ALIS purchases?

ALIS’s lesson, courses, etc. are purchased using American Dollars, USD. Your lesson prices might vary from day to day, as each days lesson purchases goes according to that day’s exchange rate.

Currency Converter

How can I view past purchases?
once you have booked a lesson and successfully completed the payment for that lesson, ALIS will send you a receipt for that lesson via email. You can also view your past lesson purchases from your student dashboard. See the video below:


How can I pay for lessons?

All of ALIS’s lesson payments are made online and run through PayPal. You don’t need to have an account with PayPal in order to make a lesson payment.

How do I use a coupon for a purchase?
Is it save to pay on ALIS?

Absolutely YES! All transaction made on ALIS is done through a secure credit card processor. Your safety is our top priority!

What should I do if my card transactions fail?

You can re-try a card at any point on ALIS checkout page. Please note ALIS only accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Here are steps to ensure that we can accept your card:

1) Allow online transactions

If online purchases aren’t enabled for your card, your bank will decline the transaction. As above, you must enable your card for internet transactions, either through your online banking or by contacting your bank’s customer service center.

2) Add sufficient funds

You may have insufficient funds in your account. Please ensure that you have a sufficient balance on your account before you try to use the card again.

3. Double-check your CVC

Your CVC check might have failed. “CVC” stands for card verification code. MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards have a three-digit card security code. The code is the final group of numbers printed on the back signature panel of the card. New North American MasterCard and Visa cards feature the code in a separate panel to the right of the signature strip. Please make sure that you enter the CVC correctly on the checkout page.

4) Allow transactions from ALIS

If the above steps don’t help, contact your bank directly and ask them to allow transactions from the merchant known as “ALIS.”

5) Don’t close the payment page

Make sure that you do not exit the payment page while your transaction is busy processing.

If you require any further assistance please feel free to contact us at info@alis.education

Trouble Shooting 

What should I do if I missed my lesson?

From time to time, situations may arise that prevent you from attending your lesson. If you know in advance of your lesson that you are unable to attend, please reschedule your lesson 7 hours prior to when the lesson is bound to start.

Depending on the circumstances, ALIS may provide a partial or complete refund for your missed lesson, or reschedule the missed lesson for a future date. All actions will be reviewed by our ALIS team members.

What should I do if my tutor missed a lesson?
What should I do if a tutor doesn't respond to my request?

ALIS tries to curate on the best teachers and confirm their availability in advanced. If it happens that a teacher you booked lessons with is not replying to your requests here are a few tips you can try: 

1) Try to reach out to the teacher via the “contact tutor” feature. 

2) If you want the problem up further please contact ALIS support team, and we will try to resolve the problem on your behalf.

How do I contact ALIS support?
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

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